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Turn left out of the car park at the airport and follow the motorway link signs which are blue with white letters and numbers.  They lead directly out of the airport area.  Follow the signs to VALENCIA - A7 all the way and you will join the motorway. Be careful not to head to Murcia or Alicante you must head to VALENCIA.

The first stage of the motorway is toll-free but at approximately 20 kms you will come to the toll booths, at the San Juan interchange.  Here you must collect a ticket from the automatic ticket dispenser.  The ticket should be kept and handed in at the end of the motorway journey.

Continue along the motorway, ALWAYS following the VALENCIA A7 direction passing the following motorway intersections

Vila Joiosa  (Villa Joyosa)



Your exit is at the fourth interchange, signposted BENISSA/TEULADA - Salida 63 (exit 63) where you will encounter the exit toll booths.

Here you must hand over the ticket and pay the toll - which is displayed on an illuminated screen at driver's eye-level on the front of the booth.  It is currently 6.95 Euros.  This is now an automated service and notes can be used with change given.This amount must be paid in cash so please ensure that you have some smaller currency in Euros with you.  When leaving the toll booths take great care at the fork in the road just as you leave the toll booth area.  The choice is VALENCIA/TEULADA or ALICANTE/BENISSA.  YOU MUST take the VALENCIA/TEULADA fork, which will bring you, heading in the correct direction, on to the main (non motorway) road from Alicante to Valencia, the N332.  The signs are white and red.

Proceed along the N332 downhill for about 5 kms watching for the TEULADA turn-off on the right.  This is well signposted and is just after a very large garden centre situated on both sides of the road.  Turn right at this Teulada turn off and you will drive past some large factory shops on your right.  You will come to a large roundabout at which you turn left to Teulada and there is another roundabout adjacent to which you go straight on.

Continue straight ahead and you will enter a dual carriageway with several traffic lights, fronted by shops, furniture and DIY stores the Avenue Del Mediterraneo.  At the end of this road you will come to a small traffic island.  Follow the main road which bears to the right signpsoted to MORAIRA.

The road becomes a winding, downhill, country road for about 6 kms with some quite sharp bends.  Keep following this road, passing (all on the left), a boat yard call "Mengual", then "Veterinario Aliaga", then "Font Santa Go Karts". You will see a roundabout ahead of you with Lidl store, situated to the left of the roundabout, and a Cepsa garage, and other stores. Drive straight through this roundabout and follow road onwards until the road veers to the left and shortly after this there is another roundabout and at this point you need to go left following the signs to JAVEA.  This road is called Pintor El Greco.

There is a ceramic shop on the corner and then a restaurant that has a flamenco show on your left.  Follow the road along until you reach a large roundabout. You will see a sign "Descubre Cumbre del Sol" to the left of this roundabout, and a supermarket "Mercadona"  just ahead of this roundabout. Take a right turn at this roundabout.  You will come on to a small roundabout within 50 metres. Take the first left at this roundabout. You will now approach another small roundabout another 50 metres ahead, with Mercadona supermarket on your left. Turn right at this mini roundabout and begin your ascent up the hill towards the Cumbre del Sol. Continue up a winding hill until you see a sign which posts Cumbre del Sol and take this left turn.  Go further up the hill following the road and you will pass the Cumbre del Sol and Vapf Information office on the left hand side.  Go straight on pass through the roundabout continuing straight on.  Take the third turning on the right. There is also a sign on the wall with Zona Olivas,and signage for Peublo Montecala,  this is where you turn right.  Follow the road round to the right but don't take the right turn.  You will come to a cross roads,there is no entry on the left so go to the next junction and you will see Casa Maravilla.  It is best if you wish to park in the lower car port to go around the villa and enter from the lower side due to the high camber in the road. Number 17 Magnolias is the third house on the left.  You can enter from the other entrance which is straight on at the cross roads but the drive is quite steep at this entrance point.  Park your car under the car port and enjoy your holiday. The villa can be seen on Google maps.

New Car Port at rear of property